Ree, Melissa

Australia 21 Ord St, West Perth, Western Australia, 6005


My main specialty is in the psychological management of adults with Insomnia and sleep difficulties. 

I use evidence based treatments such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

I will ask you to have an active role in determining your goals and the direction treatment takes. After most sessions you will be given something to read, or something to write/think about, or together we might suggest trailing a new strategy or way of approaching things. Implementing new strategies can be challenging  and time will be spent in sessions helping you to find ways to approach things differently. Usually the treatment will not take a lot of time during the week but giving some time to meeting your goals is important for maximising treatment effectiveness. 

In terms of my background...I completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. with distinction at UWA in 2001.  I then worked at the University of Oxford as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry. During this time, I worked on a treatment trial of Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Insomnia. Since returning to Perth I've continued to be active in treatment, training, and research into psychological aspects of insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I've published a number of papers on the subject and have written two treatment protocols for Insomnia.

I've worked in both clinical and research roles at private psychiatric hospitals in Perth, and have been in private practice since 2004. I'm a mum to three lovely children and now consult part-time. 

I enjoy being active in the research arena. I'm involved in the supervision of postgraduate university student projects and clinical placements and hold an academic appointment at The University of Western Australia.
  • Australia 21 Ord St, West Perth, Western Australia, 6005

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Clinical Psychologist
Psychology Board of Australia
20+ Years
20+ Years
Centre for Sleep Science, University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia
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Insomnia, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, OSA / Positional Therapy, OSA / CPAP adherence training, Nightmare Syndrome, Pediatric Sleep Disorders