Falschlunger, Janita

Germany Berlin 12209


My background lies in Psychology, sleep sciences CSSC, paediatric sleep consulting, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia.

I have been a family sleep clinician since 2017 where I've helped hundreds of families regain their power over their sleep. With years of practice and education, I continue to provide one-of-a-kind, educational, life-changing support for my clients. 

I work with families looking for solutions and understanding around the challenges they face in life with their sleep. I support, coach, mentor, and educate to help them find the answers and solutions they need to once again have the sleep they deserve.

Whether you need sleep support for yourself or for your child, there is a solution for you! My goal is to help you understand, manage and embrace your anxiety, worries, fears, stress, and/or insomnia so that you and your family can thrive!

You deserve to sleep well!


  • Germany Berlin 12209

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Janita Falschlunger
1-5 Years
1-5 Years
Insomnia, Pediatric Sleep Disorders