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Hong Kong Hong Kong, central
USA 1650 Moon Lake Blvd. Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Dr. Lindsey is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois. She currently is an outpatient psychologist and the coordinator for Amita Health's Healthy Sleep Initiative. Services provided include: CBT-I groups for Perinatal Intensive Outpatient Program and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program. Individual sleep consults are offered, as well as psychoeducational information on CBT-I and where treatment is provided upon discharge. Dr. Lindsey also provides brief CBT-I on an individual and group basis at her outpatient practice. 

35-C Avenida de Orinda, Orinda, CA 94563
USA 9 Cedar St Worcester MA

Dr. Jennifer Lish is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience. She is the Director of the Worcester Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dr. Lish specializes in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders in children, teens, and adults.

USA 605 W. Main Street Suite 203
Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada & Online

Registered Nurse, Canadian Certified Counsellor, and Counselling Therapist who holds a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree from the University of Alberta and a Master of Counselling degree from Gonzaga University. I worked as a Registered Nurse in rural Saskatchewan before moving to Alberta and joining Alberta Health Services. I held the positions of Chronic Disease Management Educator and Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Coordinator until 2020. I moved to private practice in 2020 and have completed Intensive Training: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I): Evidence-Based Insomnia Interventions for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sleep Apnea and Nightmares. 

USA 7906 Andrus Road #8, Alexandria, VA 22306
USA 201 N. Mayfair Rd., Ste. 505, Milwaukee, WI 53226

My practice is focused exclusively on behavioral sleep medicine. I work with adults, and I accept many forms of insurance. Please feel free to visit my website for additional information.

USA 315 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
USA 515 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Dr. Lopez-Yianilos is a licensed clinical psychologist who received extensive behavioral sleep medicine training at the Miami VA Medical Center neurology/sleep clinic. She specializes in identifying and treating patients with sleep apnea and insomnia (PAP compliance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia). Dr. Lopez-Yianilos also treats individuals with trauma-related disorders, depression, anxiety, and other health concerns. Treatment is also available in Spanish. 

701 Farm to Market 685 Suite 450

Treating veterans and their families.

USA 20 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023

I'm a clinical psychologist and specialize in helping people overcome anxiety and insomnia. Insomnia is very common, and when people learn how to help themselves sleep, it can help in other areas of their lives as well. I received a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and was a post-doctoral fellow at New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center. I currently practice in Manhattan and also via telehealth in Florida and New York State. I'm happy to speak on the phone for a free consultation and my website is www.robinmacfarlanephd.com.  

USA 1201 N 175th St, Shoreline, WA 98133

Clinical Psychologist providing behavioral sleep medicine in multi-specialty and primary care outpatient clinic.  Group and individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. 

USA 13200 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20904

I have been a psychotherapist for over 20 years and developed an interest in sleep and mental health and a specialty in treating insomnia. 


USA 3047 N. Lincoln Ave Suite 400 Chicago IL 60657
Australia First Floor, 123 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East 3123


Online, one-on-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

Tracey is a sleep coach specialising in adult patients with chronic insomnia. She provides evidence-based and scientifically backed treatment methods for patients suffering chronic insomnia and is able to provide her services to any country. 

Tracey has a passion in promoting sleep as a fundamental aspect of our health. Her approach is through patient empowerment and ensuring patients understand WHY they should do something and HOW it is expected to work. Tracey ensures that her patient have a clear understanding on all aspects of their treatment.

- Providing online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

- CBT-I for Adults

- Provides services without a referral

- One on One consultations via Video Calling

- Providing Support to patients from any country

- English based consultations.

USA Atlanta, GA
USA 512 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto 94301

Dr. Tony Masri is a board-certified sleep medicine specialist. He has a decade of experience in diagnosing and managing sleep disorders from sleep apnea and insomnia to rare parasomnias and narcolepsy. His holistic therapeutic approach combines non-medication and medication treatment based on his patient’s treatment goals. He also provides in-home sleep studies allowing for a full sleep assessment without the discomfort of sleeping in a lab.

Dr. Masri enjoys working with adults across the lifespan and children over the age of two. Dr. Masri is fluent in English, Arabic and French and is able to offer treatment in the patient’s preferred language. Dr. Masri offers in-office appointments in the Bay Area and video-medicine appointments across the state of California.

After earning his medical degree from the University of Toledo Ohio, Dr. Masri completed a neurology residency at Case Western Reserve University. He then completed a sleep-medicine fellowship at the world-renowned Stanford Sleep Center.

USA 800 Biesterfield Rd. Suite 510 Elk Grove Village IL 60007

Clifford Massie, PhD FAASM CBSM MSCP is a clinical psychologist with the Chicago Sleep Group of Suburban Lung Associates. Dr. Massie specializes in the treatment of various sleep disorders, including insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders.

USA 1307 North 45th St., Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98103

Susan McCurry, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with midlife and older adults. She uses a contextual behavioral science approach to provide evidence-based treatment for enhancing quality of life in healthy aging adults, as well as in individuals experiencing age-related changes in physical, cognitive, or psychological function, disturbances in sleep, or residential care transitions and adjustments. She recognizes the broad and complex contextual factors that influence the aging process and welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives and collaboration.

USA 6404 Wilshire Blvd, Suite1020, Los Angeles, CA 90048

We are Southern California’s leading center for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), founded by award-winning clinicians and scholars. With the most CBT certified clinicians in private practice in California, we are dedicated to bringing you state of the art, scientifically sound treatments. If you have tried other therapies and not gotten the results that you hoped for, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may help. It is the most studied psychotherapy. Its effectiveness is unparalleled. However, the treatment is often only as effective as the clinician providing it. Fortunately, our CBT programs were founded by leaders in the field of treatment and research in CBT. Dr. McFarr founded the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic (CBT) and the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) clinics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Our faculty has been entrusted by UCLA, USC and UCI to train other clinicians how to do cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Feel free to look at our professional presentations, publications and teaching references below.

Our professional clinical psychologists and psychotherapists provide cognitive behavioral treatments in many areas. Whether you suffer from insomnia, depression, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders, substance abuse, or other anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help. If you have problems with emotional regulation, self harm, or intense, unsatisfying relationships, CBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) can help. We are home to DBT California, the leading high-fidelity, comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program in Southern California. DBT was designed to help people suffering from multiple problems simultaneously. With offices in Orange County (Newport Beach), South Bay (Torrance), and Beverly Hills/Mid Wilshire (Los Angeles), we are here to serve you.

580 Broadway, Mezzanine B Suite, NY, NY 10012

I am a licensed clinical psychologist as part of the Manhattan Therapy Collective in SoHo NYC (https://www.mtcollective.org/).  I specialize in the treatment of sleep difficulties such as insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, anxiety and stress, and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. I work with clients of all ages from young children and their parents to older adults. I practice evidence-based treatments, including CBT-I. My goal is to help clients find rest – whether that means changing behaviors to promote better quality sleep, challenging worries that drain energy, or equipping clients with effective communication skills in order to gain the social support needed to thrive in their daily rhythm.

USA 12011 San Vicente Blvd.
I specialize in the treatment of insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, and other sleep disorders. Sleep difficulties are often overlooked and yet they undermine our mood, productivity, creativity, memory, and overall health. Whether you recently started having difficulty with sleep or it's been a long standing problem, there are highly effective treatments that do NOT involve the use of medications. In fact, if you are currently taking medications for sleep but would like to reduce or eliminate them, I can help. If anxious thoughts are interfering with your sleep, we can find ways to reduce the impact that anxiety has on your sleep.
I also help people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, in fact anything that keeps you from enjoying a happy, productive and fulfilling life.
I use a variety of evidenced-based treatments and, working together, we will design the approach that best suits your needs. I provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. I'm looking forward to working with you.
United Kingdom

Managed a Sleep Laboratory in a Private Hospital in Dublin for over 20 years, together with two Sleep Consultants.

Australia St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

Hailey has a passion for helping people to sleep well and improve their quality of life and well-being. She has a warm, compassionate and collaborative approach, and enjoys helping people work towards their individual goals. Hailey can help adults experiencing a range of difficulties, including insomnia, hypersomnia/narcolepsy, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, nightmares, and adherence to sleep apnea treatment. She uses a range of evidence-based therapies in her work such as CBT-I, mindfulness, ACT, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and interpersonal psychotherapy.

Hailey has trained extensively in evidence-based sleep and insomnia interventions through her clinical and research work at St Vincent’s Hospital Sleep Centre, Monash University, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre, and the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health. Hailey has been endorsed as a Diplomate in Behavioural Sleep Medicine by the Board of Behavioural Sleep Medicine in the U.S.

USA 5841 South Maryland Ave Chicago, IL 60637

Lisa Medalie, PsyD, CBSM, specializes in caring for children and adults with sleep disorders. She has a particular interest in treating insomnia. Dr. Medalie works with patients to create individualized treatment plans and teaches behavioral modification tools to help patients get a good night's sleep. Dr. Medalie is a clinical psychologist with specialty training and certification in behavioral sleep medicine.

Australia Unit 30, 8-20 O'Connell St Brougham Plaza, Level 1 North Adelaide SA 5006 Australia

Gorica has been working in the field of psychology and sleep medicine for over 10 years and her expertise are relevant to understanding the causes, diagnoses, assessment and treatment of various sleep disorders. As a Clinical Psychologist, she treats and manages sleep, circadian rhythm (body clock) and mental health disorders across the entire lifespan, from infancy until late adulthood. 

Through her in-depth knowledge of sleep medicine and psychology, she is uniquely placed to deliver best-practice and evidence-based treatments that are tailored and appropriate to the individual, and their families where appropriate. 

USA 5931 Harbour Park Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112

I am a clinical psychologist that has always had an interest in sleep and sleep disorders. I have a private practice where I see patients for a variety of sleep and health related disorders. I especially enjoy patients who have medical complications related to psychological factors. In addition to sleep problems, I enjoy working with weight, pain, and anxiety specifically. 

USA 67 President Street, Charleston, SC 29425

Dr. Milanak is a licensed clinical psychologist and an assistant professor in the Sleep and Anxiety Treatment and Research Program (SATRP) in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Dr. Milanak specializes in providing evidence-based treatments (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for sleep disorders including insomnia and anxiety disorders and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She also has significant clinical experience providing treatment for anger management and other emotional processing/regulation issues.