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Therapy Lab, founded by Dr. Chandler Chang, offers individual therapy that's based on a plan, and one of our most popular plans is CBT-Insomnia. With your input, we'll make a plan that's based on your goals, your timeline, and your budget. Our science-based plans are designed to support you in overcoming distress (anxiety, relationship problems, work stress, insomnia) so you walk away with emotional health and insight and better sleep. At your first session, your exceptionally qualified therapist will get to know you and pick or design a plan that’s customized to your situation.
Therapy Lab therapists are trained extensively to provide a succinct, effective model of CBT-I, and our team model allows for regular consultation and collaboration to improve patient care. Many therapists on our team are licensed psychologists, and all are highly qualified and experienced with CBT-I. We offer services for adult and pediatric insomnia in California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Washington. 
You may feel intimidated or overwhelmed with the process of picking a therapist and getting started. We understand and hope to make the process easy for you. Our platform is designed to make this as smooth as possible so you know at the outset what to expect. We want to know your goals, budget, and the time you want to spend in therapy. Let's make a plan for better sleep!
  • USA 1127 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1218

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