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I’m Ben Dickstein, a clinical psychologist based out of Cincinnati. For me, psychology is more than a profession. Serving as a therapist adds a lot of meaning and sense of connection to my life. I get to spend my days talking with others about their most pressing issues and work to find ways to effect change. I am genuinely grateful to the hundreds of clients I have served over the years and their willingness to trust me with their care. I am dedicated to getting my clients the relief that they need in a solutions-focused, non-judgmental space that is tailored to them. To this end, I use the best available treatments and provide them in a manner that will land with a given individual. I believe that humor has an important place in therapy, and that effective therapists are willing to share themselves and be genuine with their clients. I don’t believe in sugar coating or withholding my thoughts. As part of this, I rarely accept the words “I can’t,” and instead urge my clients to substitute the words, “It’s really hard, but...” I believe that growth happens outside one’s comfort zone and that, if you’re waiting to feel ready to make big changes, you could be waiting indefinitely.

Training and Experience:

B.A. in Psychology - Ohio University (2005)

M.A. in Psychology - Boston University (2008)

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - Boston University (2013)

OH License #7277

Clinical training acquired through the National Center for PTSD in Boston, Boston University’s Psychological Services Center, and the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Staff Psychologist at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center’s Trauma Recovery Center from 2013-2020

Mesa, F., Dickstein, B. D., Wooten, V. D., & Chard, K. M. (2017). Response to cognitive processing therapy in veterans with and without obstructive sleep apnea. Journal of traumatic stress, 30(6), 646-655.
  • USA 323 W. Fifth St. #1N

Additional Details

Ascend Psychological Services, LLC
Ohio: OH
Clinical Psychologist
6-10 Years
Insomnia, Nightmare Syndrome