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I completed a two day basic CBTi training with Greg Jacobs in Boston in 2012. I am the Nurse Wellness Specialist with the Nurse Wellness Program of Vanderbilt Employee Assistance Program in Nashville, TN since 2002. I have been seeing individual CBTi clients through our EAP since 2012 to the present. I am always interested in learning more about effective application of CBTi. I have had much success in my practice here. I only see staff and faculty @ Vanderbilt Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. I hope to attend the Advance CBTi Conference you offer in April 2019.

I began using Marty Seligman's work in learned helplessness in 1975 while I was in graduate school. I have used his research and programs on Authentic Happiness, Resilience and Positive Psychology my entire career. I use both CBTi and Resilience in the Burnout/Compassion fatigue Workshop for Nurses I offer quarterly. We have 8,000 nurses here @ Vanderbilt. There are 130,00 nurses in the state of Tennessee and over 4 million nurses in the United States. We have plenty of interesting exciting work to keep us busy for decades to come! 

Margie Gale, RN, MSN, CEAP

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