Wu, Jade

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Jade Wu, PhD, DBSM is a board certified behavioral sleep specialist specializing in adult insomnia and sleep problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period.  She received her doctoral clinical psychology training from Boston University and completed her behavioral medicine residency/fellowship at Duke University School of Medicine. She regularly appears in print media such as Huffington Post, as well as on radio/TV programs such as NPR and ABC News to share sleep health research with the public. Dr. Wu is the author of Hello Sleep: The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications. In the clinic, she uses evidence-based methods and a collaborative approach to help people restore sleep health. 

  • USA 4011 University Drive, Durham, NC 27705

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New York, North Carolina
Jade Wu Behavioral Sleep Medicine PLLC
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Insomnia, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Nightmare Syndrome, Other
Pregnancy and Postnatal Sleep Problems