Wyatt, James

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James Wyatt, Ph.D., FAASM, D.ABSM, C.BSM is the Director of the Section of Sleep Disorders and Sleep-Wake Research at Rush University Medical Center, in Chicago. Dr. Wyatt is a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine.  He received his graduate training at the University of Arizona, had internship training at Brown University School of Medicine, and fellowship training at Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  He specializes in treatment of insomnia and the circadian rhythm sleep disorders in adults and children.  He has a history of NIH, NSF, NASA, and foundation support for research in insomnia, the circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea.  He serves on the editorial board of the journal Sleep, and has served on various committees for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, and was the founding president of the Illinois Sleep Society.
Selected publications Wyatt JK, Bootzin RR, Anthony J, Bazant S. (1994). Sleep onset is associated with retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Sleep, 17, 502-511. PMID: 7809563 Richardson GS, Wyatt JK, Sullivan JP, Orav EJ, Ward AE, Wolf MA, Czeisler CA. (1996). Objective assessment of sleep and alertness in medical house-staff and the impact of protected time for sleep. Sleep, 19, 718-726. PMID: 9122559 Wyatt JK, Ritz-DeCecco A, Czeisler CA, Dijk D-J. (1999). Circadian temperature and melatonin rhythms, sleep, and neurobehavioral function in humans living on a 20-h day. American Journal of Physiology: Regulative, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 277, R1152-R1163. PMID: 10516257 Wyatt JK, Cajochen C, Ritz-De Cecco A, Czeisler CA, Dijk D-J. (2004). Low-dose, repeated caffeine administration for circadian-phase-dependent performance degradation during extended wakefulness. Sleep, 27, 374-381. PMID: 15164887 Wyatt JK, Dijk D-J, Ritz-De Cecco A, Ronda JM, Czeisler CA. (2006). Sleep facilitating effect of exogenous melatonin in healthy young men and women is circadian-phase dependent. Sleep, 29, 609-618. PMID: 16774150. Edinger JD, Wyatt JK, Stepanski EJ, Olsen MK, Stechuckak KM, Carney CE, Chiang A, Crisostomo IC, Lineberger MD, Means MK, Radke RA, Wohlgemuth WK, Krystal AD. (2011). Testing the reliability and validity of DSM-IV-TR and ICSD-2 insomnia diagnoses: results of a multi-method/multi-trait analysis. Archives of General Psychiatry, 68, 992-1002. PMID: 21646568. Wright JP Jr, Bogan RK, Wyatt JK (2013). Shift work and the assessment and management of shift work disorder (SWD). Sleep Medicine Reviews, 17, 41-54. PMID:22560640. Wyatt JK (2016) Overview: Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders. UpToDate, Waltham, MA.
  • USA 1650 W. Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL 60612-3833

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Illinois, Massachusetts
Rush Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Illinois: IL
Clinical Psychologist
20+ Years
20+ Years
Rush Sleep Disorders Center
Rush University Medical Center / Rush Medical College
20+ Years
Insomnia, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, OSA / Positional Therapy, OSA / CPAP adherence training, Nightmare Syndrome, Pediatric Sleep Disorders
Annual behavioral sleep medicine course, co-directed with Dr. Jack Edinger, at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies conference. Also taught at the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine course in Sept. 2017 and an SBSM webinar July 2017.