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City: Boulder

I have been a Behavioral Sleep Therapist for over 25 years and have developed Neuro-Somatic Therapy for Sleep (NST-S), publicly known as SleepEasy. This is an advanced form of cognitive-behavioral therapy based on Polyvagal Theory and the somatic treatment of trauma. This method incorporates specific somatic processes that open the neurological pathways to calm the mind, emotions, and body into sleep. Since 2009, I have been the sleep therapist for Colorado’s largest primary care practice, which serves over 200,000 patients. I am the sleep therapist for Throttle & Thrive, a residential detox, substance misuse, and mental health facility exclusively for Law Enforcement Personnel, First Responders and Veterans. In a clinical study published in Sleep Disorders and Therapy, the SleepEas ...

Location Category United States

Location Category United States

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