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Profession: Counselor Marriage/Family

I specialize in helping people with trouble sleeping as well as chronic pain through Pain Reprocessing Therapy. I am also an EMDR-trained clinician.

Location Category United States
Elizabeth Landau

Dr. Elizabeth Landau (PhD, MCouns) is a licensed Psychologist and Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health at Monash University.  She has training in and experience delivering CBT-I interventions across a broad range of populations in both clinical and research settings.  Her sleep background includes: -PhD research at the University of Melbourne focused on evaluating outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of a CBT-I intervention for adolescents -Post doctorate research at the Florey Institute for Neuroscience & Mental Health investigating links between sleep and ischemic stroke/Alzheimer's Dementia -Research fellow & delivery of CBT-I intervention for perinatal populations with the Monash University Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health -Founde ...

Location Category Australia

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