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BSM Experience: 1 - 5 Years

Location Category United States

I focus my work at the intersection of sleep and mental health. If sleep isn’t restful, usually our mood, thinking, and day-to-day activities are affected. And vice versa–if we’re stressed or not feeling good, we may not be sleeping well. I can help you make changes to your sleep that will improve your mental health, and I can support you in managing your mental health so you can sleep better. No meds required--I only use cognitive and behavioral strategies that work. - Specialities: Insomnia Nightmares Early-bird/Night-owl problems Negative loops between bad sleep and mental health problems PTSD-related sleep problems Details: - Individual therapy - Adults ages 18 and up - Telehealth in Arizona, PSYPACT available when appropriate To learn more and schedule a free 15-mi ...

Location Category United States

I have been a therapist close to two decades. I was trained in CBT-I in 2021 and provide individual (and sometimes group) CBT-I for anyone located in the state of Texas. Other areas of expertise include chronic pain, maladaptive perfectionism, OCD, and PTSD.

Location Category United States

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