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Dr. Stephens is a board-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and senior graduate professor of nursing. She is passionate about treating insomnia and other sleep disorders using the least harmful, most effective treatments. Dr. Stephens is licensed in Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, and Vermont.

Location Category Telemedicine

I specialize in helping people with trouble sleeping as well as chronic pain through Pain Reprocessing Therapy. I am also an EMDR-trained clinician.

Location Category United States
Elizabeth Landau

Dr. Elizabeth Landau (PhD, MCouns) is a licensed Psychologist and Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health at Monash University.  She has training in and experience delivering CBT-I interventions across a broad range of populations in both clinical and research settings.  Her sleep background includes: -PhD research at the University of Melbourne focused on evaluating outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of a CBT-I intervention for adolescents -Post doctorate research at the Florey Institute for Neuroscience & Mental Health investigating links between sleep and ischemic stroke/Alzheimer's Dementia -Research fellow & delivery of CBT-I intervention for perinatal populations with the Monash University Turner Institute for Brain & Mental Health -Founde ...

Location Category Australia

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